Vacation in Hawaii on Your Family Vacation

Have you thought about taking a vacation in Hawaii, which actually means paradise, on your family vacation? I take an intellectual tour of the Islands in this commentary.

Paradise is an appropriate name for Hawaii. As a matter of fact, Hawaii literally means paradise, when translated from the ancient Hawaiian language. So if you want to vacation in paradise, it might be the perfect spot for your family vacation.

The climate varies only a few temperature degrees year round. January and February are months of the rainy season in Hawaii, but rainfall of doesn’t deter tourists going to Hawaii.

As a matter of fact, the Hawaiian wintertime is all the rage for many mainlanders because they think it’s the best time of year to vacation in Hawaii. One reason for this phenomenon is due partly to the climate. Practically everyplace in the States has a steady diet of cold, dreary weather nearly all winter. So they decide to take their vacation in paradise.

The winter months might in fact draw larger crowds of vacationers during those ostensibly rainy months, and it’s a good time for which to plan your family vacation. The reason for this phenomenon is, in plain truth, due partly to the huge waves that occur on the northern shores of the Hawaiian Islands during the winter months.

Amazingly athletic surfers also flock to the North Shore of Oahu Island and the Banzi Pipeline of Waimiea Bay. You can anticipate world championship surfers who show-off their talents, on any particular day on the North Shore or Waimiea Bay. But the waves on the famous hot spots of North Shore and the Pipeline of Oahu are not for beginners.

Vacation on the Hawaiian Islands

Novice surfers and windsurfers alike should find a challenge on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, even with the more shallow waves. The surf is a magnet for sightseers and athletes alike to go on a vacation in Hawaii. Surfing and windsurfing during the wintertime is superb. Plus the fact that it is a perfect place to surf, many athletic surfers from California escape on a vacation in Hawaii because the flight only takes about three hours.

You can take your family for a swim without having to spend any more cash when you go there; or you could go surfing or windsurfing at one of the astonishing beaches found in the Hawaiian Islands.

Waikiki is family friendly beach located on Oahu Island. Waves are relatively shallow there, but they’re very long. Waikiki is an excellent place for beginners who want to learn to surf. The waves are not treacherous like they sites where you see athletic surfers.

Although Waikiki Beach is usually crowded, it’s a very nice area to surf and windsurf. Plus, you can go for a swim, snorkel, or take a canoe ride. Be certain that you visit the famous Waikiki Beach on Oahu’s South Shore when you spend your vacation in Hawaii.

Vacation in Paradise

Honolulu offers a good atmosphere for your family vacation. It’s a big city and you can find fast food that will satisfy the hunger of youngsters without having to spend very much more. Simply eating a hamburger could be your child’s idea of a vacation in paradise anyway.

Take your family to the Waikiki Aquarium, which is also located on Oahu Island. Visit Honolulu Zoo; and then you will want to go to the Sea-life Park. The Park is the home of a 300,000-gallon tank aquarium that is filled with thousands of reef fish, stingrays and sharks. Your family could even swim with dolphins while you are there. The children typically love dolphins.

Maui Island is host to Maui Ocean Center aquarium. The Ocean Center has more prevalent tropical aquarium than anywhere else in the entire United States.

Do you love to windsurf? Maui, with its plethora of diverse waterfalls, is an excellent location to windsurf. You can see many athletic surfers windsurfing in Maui.

Ka’anapali is where the world goes to play. Ka’anapali is to be found on the west coast of Maui. It’s a resort area that has miles of golden sands and blue ocean water. Ka’anapali is where your perfect Maui vacation begins.

Ka’anapali is home to Maui ‘s most excellent golf courses. There are large high-rise resorts that might cost a little bit more money, but they have pools in which your children can swim because the beach of Ka’anapali isn’t quite as safe as the Waikiki Beach. It has riptides, which can be very strong. Plus, Maui is a great deal windier than is Honolulu.

Be sure to visit North Shore of Oahu if horseback riding appeals to you. The North Shore is also known for enormous waves, which occasionally reach as high as thirty feet or more and so athletic surfers may enjoy a day there; but there are better places to go windsurfing.

Remember to put a Luau on your schedule of events when you take your family to the Hawaiian Islands. Luaus will be terrific fun for your family; and you can find a Luau on any island while there. You and your family will be treated to beautiful Polynesian dancers and fire-eaters will surely impress children of all ages when attending a Luau.

Wouldn’t you love to vacation in paradise? A vacation in Hawaii certainly fits the bill, so if you have a more money to spend than the average American, plan your family vacation in Hawaii. Watch athletic surfers, go windsurfing, or just enjoy the surf.