Exploring the Paradise Within Bahamas Islands

The Bahamas islands are more than just an island. It is an island that has an amazing view you could never find anywhere in the world. This island paradise has a lot to offer all its visitors, and this keeps them coming back for more of the Bahamas. There are a lot of things that you can do and visit in this island paradise. As a general run-down:

Where to go

The Bahamas has islands that are enticing with its marvelous views that keep tourists and visitors to keep coming back for more. Here are some of those marvelous islands that the Bahamas boasts about:

  • The Abacos – Known also as the “Sailing Capital of the World”, this island has a calm sea surrounded by charming islands, each worth a visit. It also boast a quaint colonial towns, two golf courses, miles and miles of stellar beaches, great fishing and diving, and a wonderful selection of hotels and resorts and restaurants that makes this a complete vacation destination in The Bahamas Out Islands.
  • Acklins/ Crooked Island – It is a haven and a natural lure for fish and for fishermen alike, this small island comes with big packages because this island is just 92 square miles and four miles across. This island is the dream fishing vacation packages, snorkeling trips in The Bahamas or to just simply enjoy a Bahamas holiday.
  • Andros – Is known as Bahamas’ most extraordinary natural wonder in the whole Bahamas Islands, of the Bahamas Out Islands that boasts an abundant natural attraction, but the Andros Island has the largest but has the most sparsely developed of all The Bahamas islands. It is also the king of all the islands when it comes to the superlative natural experiences; it is a place for a great laid-back beach getaway, wedding or honeymoon, and also for the eco – travelers, kayakers, bird watchers, hikers, snorkelers, divers and fishermen.
  • The Berry Islands – A perfect place for people who would like to have seclusion and privacy, and it has a cluster of 30 cays. Its cays are resting on the eastern edge of the Great Bahamas Bank, that starts with the Great Stirrup Cay and extending to Chub Cay in the south

There are a lot more of the Bahamas islands that you can visit and have the best vacation in. Other wonders and must-see spots in this island paradise are the Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera/Harbour Island, The Exumas, Inagua, Long Island, Mayaguana, and the Rum Cay/San Salvador.