Paradise Hotels in the Bahamas and Around the World

Paradise hotels are just a figure of speech to mean a very pampering and luxurious accommodations experienced anywhere near the beaches. The term was coined because the feeling of being one with nature, seeing the sun rise and set, and hearing the soothing whispers of the ocean waves are all equated to being in paradise.

Bahamas Islands are one of the best places known where most people book their long awaited vacation trips. They have more than just the world class casinos. They have what people called the Paradise hotels.

The islands of Bahamas offer more than just great accommodations. They offer a colonial island paradise with an inherent beauty. Travelers converge here from all over the world to marvel at the sights like no other. It is conducive to many water sports and other activities, with many pristine beaches around.

They are however not just beaches. The Bahamas bustles in commercial spots also for a great shopping experience. There are also historic sites and nightlife for entertainment. The island of Bahamas is like a medicine for those who need to unwind from their daily activities and busy schedules.

The downtown proper is the most visited place in the Bahamas. The area attractions that you can see here are the Junkanoo Beach, Pirates of Nassau Museum, Vendue House, Christ Church Cathedral and the Paradise Island Bridge. Visitors never forget to pass by these places of interest.

Hotels downtown are very luxurious. Some listed are the Compass Point, Holiday Inn British Colonial Hotel and the Chez Willie. The East Bay is a budget hotel yet not compromising its first class services. Another recommended budget hotel is the Red Carpet Inn

There is also the Cable beach. This is very much recognized by more to the hotel districts of Bahamas. The golden sands are a sight to behold especially in the early mornings. The beach presents many dining options. You could try the BBQ Beach, Capriccio and Androsia.

You could do a bit of shopping mostly found in the Marriott Crystal Palace. If you want a clear walkway you can find it at the center of Marriot and Radisson. It is quieter here than the downtown.

The next best thing that you can find in Bahamas is their Paradise Island. It is known to have the most expensive shopping areas. The first place visited here is the venerable Club Land’or. Golfing is the premiere sport.

Not everything is expensive here however. You will find stores selling affordable souvenirs and beach gears in the Hurricane Hole and Paradise Plaza. The Paradise Island might be the most expensive place in Bahamas but they are also the most tourist-oriented. You will never get bored in here.

There are other paradise hotels all over the world. They are scattered all over Europe and the United States. There are also some in Mexico especially in Acapulco. More and more people come to visit these places to experience pampering like no other. They yearn to have the most memorable trip, the closest to heaven they could get, as they say.

Tourist thinks that they can have the best way to have a vacation if they try the paradise hotels in Mexico. They give emphasis on the inherent splendors of the country. The paradise hotels give the visitors the Mexican heritage of the place. Mexican hospitality was known because of these hotels. As there are lots of paradise hotels in Mexico, the most famous are Hacienda Paradise, Paradise Village, Freedom paradise and Hotel Beach Paradise.